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World Coffee Map

A Compendium of the Bean Scene locating the flavorful notes of single origin Coffees on the Dymaxion World Map by Buckminster Fuller.

Included are detailed information about the 15 most important coffee growing countries with notes on body complexity, acidity, flavour and (after)taste, as well as notable beans grown. 13 secondary, but upcoming countries are also listed with characteristic flavour notes. 

The map projection used for this infographic is by Buckminster Fuller which preserves the original shapes and sizes, resulting in a minimum of visual distortion compared to the well known Mercator projection. 

The poster is printed on high quality 180g/sqm coated paper with a matte finish in a size of 50 x 120 cm (approximately 19.7 x 42.3 inch) and is available for 35,00€.

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