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The Art of Living Together

Cyanotypes on Agar

»We are symbiotic, inextricably woven together, in a complex pattern far beyond our capacity to comprehend completely.«

Sandor E. Katz


Symbiosis is a term used to describe systems in which organisms in physical contact live together in the same place at the same time, literally touching each other or inhabiting each other. Introduced as a biological concept of cohabitation by botanist Anton de Bary, symbiosis is described as "phenomena of coexistence of dissimilar organisms." Extended to an ontological dimension, merging knowledge and modes of being, in an amalgamation or togetherness creates a way of living symbiotically. The human and non-human portraits shown in this work therefore represent pioneers, model organisms and idols representing symbiotic living. 

flechte-small Kopie

Ecological coexistence for photography is rethinking materials and processes. Beyond chemicals poisonous to the environment, the question of disposal, the use of plastic, substrates and papers also require change. Rather than using animal gelatin and silver halogenides, combining less damaging cyanotype chemicals with agar-based bioplastics creates vegan, sustainable photographs. Coated on glass or emerging in the idiosyncrasy of the materials creating three-dimensional forms emerge in the work shown. By immersing oneself in a jumble, being in touch with each other through relations and materials, together with non-human actors and their interactions the shown pictures become, not only " Means-to-Purpose", but unique objects with an own aura.

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