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Holobiont Humanities

Holobiont (holos whole, bios Leben) 
the human as a whole unit of life
work in Progress

Which connections and causal relationships can arise in a network of facts, concepts and subjective thoughts from the humanities, social and natural sciences around a new self-concept of the human being as a holobiont? Can a new interdisciplinary view strenghten the entanglement between human and more-than-human? The data in this visualization results by entering a mysterious world full of assumptions and vague unspeakable facts which can by putting them in context trigger far-reaching detonations to change our understanding of the human body and its environment and to find possibilities for a conscious living together. 


Fermented foods are communities of microbes, agents of change - just like us. As a metaphor, fermentation embodies availability and accessibility, conservation and transformation, symbiosis and co-evolution, biodiversity and future. As a metaphor, fermentati on embodies With fermentation, as an eternal process of becoming and transformation, the work deals with the question of with whom and with what a human being is connected.

You can read the encyclopedia of the network here (German only).

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