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(B)OTHERING – rhizomatic writings

entanglements in text and networks of situated knowledge

The rhizome, as an anarchically proliferating root system becomes a metaphor for writing. With the expression of the organic grown, the proliferating sprouting and the expansions, condensations and differentiations, which connect transversely and are not developed on the basis of linear hierarchies, they underline the diversity of forms of life. In the process, a working tool emerges that seeks to inform, open discourse, and act as a starting point for further proliferation. Which organisms are thereby spun into whose network?


Thus the process of writing, collecting and archiving begins with the well-known human attempt to make the world comprehensible: in the compilation of categories and lists in order to classify the 'real'. Inspired by the rhizomatic way of working and the writing style of Deleuze and Guattari, this book gets rid of the usual hierarchical structures and teachings. Instead, a theoretical rhizome emerges that establishes a connection to the reader. Through textual 'proliferation' I write in 29 terms, which develop commonalities and put the subjective relation to the author's world into a network. Each term is connected to several others (but not to all of them), relates to them and forms structures. The texts therefore are researches in the not-yet-knowing, in order to offer a space for thinking differently and for critical questions. In doing so, the work draws from the complexity of the experience made, between simply being in the world and the stories encountered along the way that inhabit and animate spaces. As an assemblage of method, fact, and subjective perspectives, as well as art and design objects, this work attempts a generation of knowledge through various material streams. In the open process of writing, thoughts are clarified, consolidated, and turned over with the goal of creating a working tool and reference work in a discursive style that can be a starting point and inspiration for further exploration. 

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To identify the links in my own writing and visualize them in their diversity, I work with the program Obsidian to integrate backlinks into the writing process.

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