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(B)OTHERING – room for explorations

impulses to personal, participatory and poetic encounters

work in Progress

»If a rush of troubled stories is the best way to tell about contaminated diversity, then it’s time to make that rush part of our knowledge practices.«
(Tsing, Anna (2015) The Mushroom at the End of the World, p. 34)

The exhibition comprehends itself as a constantly changing archive, which entangles not only present actors, but also preceding and following beings with each other over the course of time. Here, my acquired situated knowledge is not only understood in the act of showing, but itself becomes a form of communication between the participants. The open frames that function as displays support the blurring of boundaries between showing and doing, beginning and end, inside and outside, as well as archive, habitat, and laboratory. The central table is the starting point for collaborative explorations and participatory formats. 


New footage emerging from this encounter represents further voices of the algae's agency as they join the collection. Crucial here is that all participants, human, plant are equal, the thinking in the doing arises to confront partnerships. For only this awareness and working with the counterpart, the co-creative partners, makes visible what was previously invisible or unnoticed. 

(B)OtheringInstallation1 Kopie.jpg
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