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(B)OTHERING – substrate of coexistence

visual and textual experiences in cocreation with more-than-human entities

(B)OTHERING is the disturbance of the familiar through the encounter with beings in their otherness. It is through this contrast that the familiar becomes apparent and thus can itself become other again. Disturbances by their nature initiate potential for action and enable unimagined transformation. Engaging with otherness and mediating the substrate of coexistences opens up space for collaborative form-finding. Through observation and recording in disciplines ranging from the natural sciences to the humanities, the co-becoming of distinct entities is mapped and processed in glossary form. »Self-prints«, photograms, images on light-sensitive substances and living artifacts convey these sensitive findings, chronicling interplay, inter- and intra-action. The resulting artifacts, created through the actors‘ sympoiesis, illustrate new ways of troubling paradigms, of critically positioning oneself, and testing design in its intermediary role between science and society, to grasp it as a reflection on the familiar in the unknown – (B)OTHERING. 

The subsections between theory, scenographic and photographic practice, as well as scientific explorations are accessible on the following subpages.

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scientific exploration

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exhibition views

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